This repository holds all of the code in the project. The Python couchapp script is the bulk of the repository, but the JavaScript stuff is in there to.

The and jquery.evently.js files are both in the vendor directory.

If you have a commit to one of the CouchApp files (JavaScript or otherwise) please let us know on the mailing list as we don’t always get the messages in our Github inbox.

Also, documentation and blog posting is very much appreciated. Don’t be afraid to tell us how CouchApp sucks. We want it to be very easy to use, so giving us a high bar to reach is important.

If you prefer developing mobile apps with Titanium, @pegli maintains a module which wraps Couchbase Lite for that platform.

If you’ve built a sync powered app and are starting to hit the point where Apache CouchDB filtered replication doesn’t scale for you, you might want to check out the Couchbase Sync Gateway which uses the same sync protocol but is designed to give efficient subsets of a big data corpus to sync clients. So you can sync to CouchDB or Couchbase Lite (nee TouchDB).

Or simply use rcouch a custom distribution of Apache CouchDB with a bunch of new features that offers since a while incremental view changes (indexed on the disk) and replication support using a view and allows you to replicate in an efficient manner subsets of your databases.

Last thing, PouchDB is the future of browser based sync apps. It can sync with the same sync protocols but uses the built-in storage of HTML5.