The Garden


The original database of garden was gone. Some legacy resources are here.

The CouchApp Garden is a CouchApp designed to make sharing other CouchApps easy. Once you have the Garden installed on your CouchDB, you can use it to install other CouchApps.

The basics

Currently, the Garden needs a lot of work, but the basic ideas are there. Essentially, it can copy design documents from your other databases, into the Garden database. As it copies them, it renames them so that they don’t have ids that start with _design. This means they can be replicated around without the replicator having to run with admin privileges. Also, the apps don’t run code when they are just sitting in the Garden.

Once you have a local Garden database, you can install apps from it, into databases on your CouchDB. The garden document will be copied to the target database, as a design document again, and there will be a link to visit that application.

Sharing your app

To add your app to the Garden, install the Garden locally, and use its import link, to add the app to your local garden database. Then replicate that database to, and check out the updated Garden.

Contributing to the Garden

The Garden code is on Github, please fork and contribute.